Past workshops and courses

Sharing is caring, right? That’s why I decided to share my creative process and the info of all my workshops and seminars to you. I want to inspire and ease the work for others, who may want to organize similar events. <3

Description (long): Are you feeling stuck with your doctoral thesis? Or are you just finding it hard to get into a routine with working on your doctoral thesis? Maybe you are unsure of what the next step should be or how to get started on a new chapter? Do you feel lonely in your doctoral thesis work? Would you like to work in a shared space with others in the same situation? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place! Join a new co-writing space, which will be organized every XX at XX in Zoom, starting from XX (The seminar will take a summer break at the end of June, more information about that later). The instructor is the Aalto psychologist for doctoral students, Maria Törnroos. The aim of this co-writing space is to provide opportunities for you to work independently on your thesis and on self-specified goals alongside others in the same situation, creating a shared experience (see e.g., Beasy et al., 2020). There is no enrolment needed, just join us and get your thesis moving. The seminar is intended for doctoral students at Aalto University. We will start each session at XX with a short 15-minute introduction to different topics (e.g., goal-setting, time-management, academic writing). You will get to set your own goal and share it with others, if you want. After that there will be two 40-minute Pomodoros, with a 10-minute break in between. During the break, you can ask questions or we can all do some break exercises together. The language of instruction is English but you are welcomed to ask questions also in Finnish or in Swedish. It’s totally voluntary to join in the discussion and share one’s goals – if you just want to come and work, that’s fine. Execution: Once every week, 2-hour slot. 10:00-10:15 Good morning and welcome, a little introduction and goal-setting for the independent work 10:15-10:55 Independent work (in Zoom, camera can be off) 10:55-11:05 Break 11:05-11:45 Independent work (in Zoom, camera can be off) 11:45-12:00 Time to stop working and perhaps share how it went. You can also ask advice from the psychologist.
Description: During this workshop you will get familiarized with the concept of stress, its causes and consequences, and get advice on how to cope with stress in your doctoral studies. The workshop consists of a lecture, group discussions, and a participatory part, in which you will have time for self-reflection. The aim of this workshop is to help you recognize what causes stress in your surroundings, what your individual way of reacting to stress is, and what prolonged stress does to your mind and body. It will also help you find tools to recover. The aim is also to encourage co-reflection and sharing with other participants. The instructor is Aalto’s psychologist for doctoral students, Maria Törnroos, who has a PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology, and in addition to having personal experience of stress as a doctoral student, she literally wrote her doctoral thesis on work stress. Execution: 2 hours, lecture + Breakout rooms and Flinga for reflection and discussion
Description: Everyone faces time-management challenges from time to time. The important thing is to recognize your own time-management pitfalls – what is it that keeps you from getting things done? Reasons can be related to procrastination and problems prioritizing, or to time thieves and problems with energy and wellbeing. The aim of this workshop is to help you realize what your time-management pitfalls are, and how to deal with them. In addition, the aim is to show you that others are facing the same issues and offer you social support from your peers. Execution: Total 50-60 minutes: 10 minutes intro, 10 + 10 minutes break-out rooms and Flinga, 10 minutes conclusions, rest discussion.


Is your doctoral thesis not progressing as planned?

Does it feel difficult to start writing or getting things done?

Have the problems gotten worse because of remote work?

Are you finding it difficult to find motivation for your thesis?

Does thinking about your doctoral thesis cause anxiety, insecurity or fear of failure?

If the above questions apply to your doctoral thesis process, enroll in the doctoral thesis seminar “The Doctoral Thesis Booster”, hosted by Aalto psychologists.

The Aalto study psychologists will organize a seminar (in Zoom) specifically designed for doctoral students who are having trouble finishing their doctoral thesis and have gone over the recommended time limit of 4 years. During the seminar, we will discuss the challenges associated with doing a doctoral thesis and try to find new perspectives on tackling these challenges. The seminar will include topics such as time-management, procrastination, motivation, writing, and emotions connected to doing a doctoral thesis. The seminar is 9 weeks long with one meeting per week. Every other week (5 meetings in total) the meetings (á 90 minutes) will include exercises, group discussions, and a short slot of independently working on one’s own thesis. In between those meetings, every other week, there will be four sessions (á 60 minutes) focused on only writing or advancing the thesis independently, so called “Write it up” -meetings.

Execution: 9 meetings, once a week; discussions, Flinga, theory, Pomodoro

Week 1: Introduction and the thesis process

Week 2: Write it up –meeting

Week 3: Time-management and academic writing

Week 4: Write it up –meeting

Week 5: Procrastination and writer’s block

Week 6: Write it up –meeting

Week 7: Motivation and emotions during the thesis process

Week 8: Write it up –meeting

Week 9: Self-compassion and wrap up of the seminar

<strong>Description</strong>: During this workshop we will discuss and reflect on self-leadership in doctoral studies. Topics include motivation, procrastination, time-management, emotion-regulation and self-compassion. These topics are all relevant and important for both the wellbeing and the success of a doctoral student. The workshop consists of lectures by the teachers, group discussions, and a participatory part, in which you will have time for self-reflection. During the workshop, we will discuss the challenges associated with doing a doctoral thesis and try to find new perspectives on tackling these challenges and developing self-leadership skills. The aim is also to encourage co-reflection and sharing with other participants.

Execution: Two 3-hour sessions, one week a part. Theory, discussions, breakout rooms, Flinga

<strong>Description</strong>: The aim of this workshop is to help you discover what your strengths are, commit to and follow your values, and empower you to make your doctoral journey the best for you. You will also get to know and support your peers through group discussions. The method used in this workshop is called appreciative inquiry, which encourages creative thinking, ideation, and fosters commitment. It’s not just another wellbeing workshop; it’s a place for you to boost your self-confidence, broaden your support networks, and take responsibility of your own doctoral journey.

Execution: 45-50 minutes all together: 10 minutes intro, 10 minutes to discover, 10 minutes to discuss, 5 minutes to dream, 10 minutes to design and deliver; break-out rooms and Flinga.

The aim of this workshop is to support and maintain the work ability of doctoral students during remote working. The workshop is targeted for Aalto doctoral students as well as for staff and faculty who are interested in the topic.

The session includes an introductory part, a participatory part done individually outside (providing the weather agrees) as well as a small group reflection and conclusion.

In the introductory part the aim is to introduce you with a framework of work ability and provide you with notions on successful remote working.

In the participatory part the aim is to encourage reflection, pausing and listening to your inner voice – and encouraging you to experience the nature near you.

In the reflective part done in small groups, the aim is to enhance the importance of co-reflection and sharing. The sharing is voluntarily for participants.

In the conclusion, the aim is to tell you where in Aalto you can find support to enhance your work ability, when needed.

Please, prepare to the workshop by making sure that you have

– clothes and shoes suitable for spending max. 30 minutes outdoors in the weather conditions of the day

– a small, empty box, for example a matchbox that you can keep afterwards

– preferably a possibility to keep your camera open in Zoom during small group discussions (this is up to you of course)