Workshops and lectures to order


If you would like to invite me to run a workshop or staff training, please see below for suggestions for topics.

All workshops will be held in Zoom. All sessions in the workshop series can also be held separately.

Three meetings á 90-120 minutes

  1. Take control of your wellbeing (stress-regulation)
  2. Become the boss of your calendar (time-management)
  3. Persevering through rejections and hardship (self-compassion and motivation)

Self-leadership is essential for academics due to the independent nature of scientific work. However, the academic setting challenges our self-leadership skills and we might not be equipped to effectively and successfully lead ourselves . During this workshop you will learn how to become more in charge of your wellbeing, your calendar and your emotions. You will learn this through excercises, group discussions and self-reflection.

Three meetings á 90 minutes

  1. What is academic wellbeing?
  2. What causes stress and how does it show?
  3. How to regulate and recover from stress?

During this workshop we will dive into the topic of stress and recovery and especially focus on what is does to our mind. Research and teaching is highly demanding information work and it’s therefore of utmost importance to make sure we are giving our brain a break once in a while. The aim of this workshop is to teach the participants to recognize signs of stress, to regulate stress and to examine new ways of efficient recovery. The workshop consists of lectures by the lecturer, small group discussions, information sharing in Flinga and homework between the sessions.

Three meetings á 60-90 minutes

  1. Foundations of time-management – managing your mind
  2. Pitfalls of time-management and how to avoid them
  3. Effective time-management techniques

During this workshop we will discuss what is needed for effective time-management in academic work and how to become better at managing one’s hurry and energy. We want to avoid the pitfalls of time-management and make sure we are not setting ourselves up to fail. The workshop contains a lot of discussion and sharing, along with tips and advice from the lecturer. The idea is to work together to achieve our goals.

 Two meetings á 90 minutes

  1. Empty page syndrome
  2. I’ll do it tomorrow

Writer’s block and procrastination is very common in creative work like research. It can happen to anyone – even the most successful scientists suffer from it! During this workshop we will together discuss and reflect on the reasons and symptoms of writer’s block and procrastination. The aim is to help the participants to become aware of what is going on when they procrastinate and to take charge of the situation.

One 90-minute session.

Remote work challenges our recovery, and we therefore need to find new ways to recover effectively. Academic work is highly dependent on creativity, concentration, and a flexible mind – all impacted by lack of recovery and breaks. During remote work, the brain is under a lot of pressure and it is easier to forget taking breaks.

In this workshop you will learn why your brain needs breaks and how to introduce more recovery into your work day. The workshop consists of information about how to charge the batteries of your mind, individual reflection tasks about your own recovery and small group discussions on specific themes.