How to deal with the crisis in Ukraine

How to deal with the crisis in Ukraine

There have been a lot of postings about the crisis in Ukraine. I wanted to gather the main points from different sources, on what individuals can do when faced with trauma of a war from afar.

First, it’s very important to note that all emotions and reactions are completely normal and human. You might feel anxious. You might feel like work is meaningless in the bigger picture. You might also feel like just going back to work and doing normal things. All these reactions are normal.

When we are faced with a crisis like this, we react because the crisis makes us feel involuntary change. It activates our fight or flight mechanisms and when there’s nothing we can do about it, no way to solve it, it causes anxiety. And it doesn’t help that we have been living with both corona and climate crisis for the past years.

According to crisis psychologists, the best advice on managing stress around the conflict is to:

  • Accept your feelings and seek support if necessary. Naming our emotions help us to deal with them. Talk about your feelings with someone, if you feel that helps. But remember to respect that not everyone feels the same and not everyone has the same desire to share or talk about this. 
  • Focus on what you can control and continue with your normal life and routines. Routines are especially important in situations when we feel like we’ve lost control. 
  • Limit your media exposure and seek news from credible sources. It doesn’t help anyone if you’re paralysed with anxiety, you have to be selfish and try to go on living a normal life despite what is happening.
  • In situations like this, humans tend to want to help somehow. Do what you can, e.g. donate money, send supplies. I know it feels terrible to watch from afar but trust that you are doing what you can to support the people of Ukraine in this situation. 

My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and everyone affected by this crisis. Take care of each other.



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