New year, new routines

New year, new routines

As 2020 moves towards it’s final days, it’s not only time to say goodbye to one of the worst years in recent history, it’s also time to say goodbye to old work habits.

Whether we like it or not, remote work has come to stay and we need to find new ways of managing our work, our time, and ourselves. Even though we might return to something close to what we had before the pandemic broke out, we are still faced with finding new work routines.

What worked in the past, when we could go to the office and switch on our computer to mark the start of the work day, might not work today when we are forced to share our office with family members or try to be organized on our kitchen table.

It feels so difficult, because it is. And it doesn’t work because it wasn’t supposed to work in the ‘olden days’.

So, now is the time to try out new things and make them our new working routines. Whether it’s going for a walk around the block in the morning and afternoon to start and end your workday, or to make sure you have a quiet and dedicated nook for your work – the best time to start trying out these new things is right now.

Time-management or stress-management isn’t really about managing neither time nor stress. It’s about managing your mind. Changing the way you think about your time and your tasks. Changing the way you approach your work. And changing what you prioritize.

My advice is to start 2021 by focusing more on self-care, self-compassion and self-reflection. And after that, check out my tips on time-management and stress-management to help you create better routines and work habits.


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