The art of getting s##t done – time-management tools for doctoral students

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One of the best and the worst things about being a researcher is self-management. On the one hand, you are the boss of you. But on the other hand, you really need to be the boss of you.

Often this doesn’t work unless you are a very good self-manager or you have an environment that supports self-management. If you are doing your PhD in an environment that doesn’t provide you with structures and schedules, you might end up just randomly doing whatever, whenever. And just like with everything else, people are different in how they react to total autonomy – some people enjoy it while others find it stressful.

Procrastination, time management and self-management are popular topics discussed at the study psychologist office. These problems persist through graduate school, and have only been accentuated by the corona crisis.

Doctoral students are often expected to be very independent and possess self-management skills, without necessarily receiving tools to achieve this. I see this in my work all the time. That is why I thought it would be good to share some time-management tips for doctoral students. You can find these tips under the ‘Time-management’ section or by clicking here.

Please be patient – all the tips will not magically appear at once, but I will write them during the next couple of months. When I’m done, I hope the whole Time-management section will act as a library for you, when you need to get stuff done or try new time-management strategies.

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