This is not goodbye

This is not goodbye

This week is my last week as PhD Pathfinder. I have accepted a new position outside academia and will be continuing developing and enhancing work wellbeing, but in another setting.

I want to thank all of you readers, both casual and frequent, for your support and for visiting my page during these last 14 months. When I started this page, I couldn’t have imagined how popular this site would become and how much material I actually had in me that I needed an audience to.

All the materials I’ve created will remain here, don’t worry. At some point though, I might start to create content regarding wellbeing also outside of academia and I might then move PhD Pathfinder under it’s own menu. But nothing will disappear.

So, this is not goodbye, this is just the beginning of something new.

Take care


PS. The picture is the going-away-present my colleagues at Aalto University gave me. It’s perfect because I love penguins and champagne, and I’ve hosted loads of pomodoros during my time here 😀


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